Reflections from Gus Gauntlett

Gus Gauntlett is a force to be reckoned with. He feels like an anti-racist superhero to me - limitless positive energy, able to leap internalized racism in a single bound, with some seriously overdeveloped joy muscles. Seriously, give this guy a cape and an underwear-on-the-outside costume!

Here are his reflections on our first day out:

Saturday was incredible! Taking these discussions to a public space was an incredible rush of positivity and sharing. Even as people saw the sign "White Conversations for Racial Healing", we witnessed the spectrum of reactions....from "oh that's cool," to "NO THANKS!".

We understand that everyone carries different comfort levels discussing race, especially white people...our main goal is to confront this uneasiness head and heart on....asking questions, sharing, listening, asking more questions, and honestly looking within ourselves to find answers to move forward. Much appreciation to the New Yorkers who stopped in and talked to total strangers about their lives and feelings on race, power, activism, and humanity.

Jen Abrams