Project Documentation

Week 2 Reflections from Jen Abrams

Our second week of White Conversations For Racial Healing was exhilarating. And exhausting, and fraught. We set up in the park less than 48 hours after the Rachel Dolezal media circus derailed the important conversation that was happening about a young black woman abused by a white police officer at a pool party in Texas.

Week 2 Reflections from Amanda Murray

Every day since I signed up to be a part of this project has taught me how much I still have to learn. Each time that I engage in a conversation about race brings a new experience to my eyes. And if you start to feel like you've got a handle on it, that you're comfortable with the amount you're doing to end racism, it's probably time to kick it up a notch. Because what's going on in this country is more than uncomfortable, it's deadly. White culture is not neutral nor is it "just the way things are." It is damaging and it is malleable and it is up to us to change it.

Week 2 Reflections from Gus Gauntlett

After a lesson-filled first week of beautiful sharing and challenging the self to open up and be vulnerable, we returned for another beautiful day of White Conversations for Racial Healing. While we still did not know what to expect from the people who were brave enough to stop in off the street, we did learn from the first week that there is power in simply asking questions about our whiteness. The Questionnaire is proving to be a magical jumping in point because it allows each person some private time to really think about their answers (and themselves).

Reflections from Amanda Murray

Amanda is the first person you meet when you approach our tent. She's got a friendly face and a warm demeanor, and sets a lovely tone for the whole project. Here are her reflections on last Saturday:

Reflections from Jen Abrams

White Conversations is live and in the world! I wanted to share some reflections on our experience yesterday.

Here’s the headline, and it’s a shocker: it is hard to get white people to talk about race.

Look, I get it. It’s a beautiful Saturday morning. You had a hard week. And I’m asking you to talk about…race? And not just to nod solemnly in agreement about how terrible racism is. I’m asking you to get uncomfortable. (Uncomfortable in a beautiful park with some homemade blueberry iced tea, but still.)

Reflections from Sara Roer

Sara bowls me over with her incredible ability to GET IT DONE. But that forward motion is founded on a deep kindness, which shows up in her reflections on our time in the park on Saturday. Here's what she has to say:

Reflections from Gus Gauntlett

Gus Gauntlett is a force to be reckoned with. He feels like an anti-racist superhero to me - limitless positive energy, able to leap internalized racism in a single bound, with some seriously overdeveloped joy muscles. Seriously, give this guy a cape and an underwear-on-the-outside costume!

Here are his reflections on our first day out:

Gearing up!

Our team is getting ready for our first set of White Conversations For Racial Justice. The weather looks like it will cooperate and we're hearing back from many people who plan to come. Will you join us? We'd love to talk to you!

This project is in every way an experiment. We'll use this space to reflect on our experiences in the tent, to be transparent about what did and didn't work, and to talk about plans for the future.